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Eric was very quick to see the potential comedy in Donald Trump running for the Presidency.

In May 2016 he penned two parody songs called Donald Trump (LieLieLie) and Crooked Hillary. Playing in the streets of Killarney,  a town which is chock full of American tourists for eight months of the year, the songs quickly proved to be hugely popular, with both the US tourists and everyone else.

Donald Trump (Lie Lie Lie)

Untitled-2 (Medium).jpg

Respect The Flag

Trump Ass Kick

A Real Redneck Ass Kicking

The Suit

Whilst looking for a suit to wear when singing the Trump songs, Eric went to a charity shop in Killarney, where he found this prime example of irony.

A suit, from the Trump collection, made in, wait for it.......Mexico!

Even though the trousers didn't fit, this was too much of a coincidence to pass up, so he bought the suit anyway and it now hangs in pride of place in his wardrobe.


Stay Classy Donald

Eric Gudmunsen vs Free Speech

In June 2018, newspaper and radio reports started appearing saying that Killarney Town Council had issues with the street entertainment in the town, suggesting that it was lowering the tone of the undoubtedly beautiful tourist trap.

Eric was contacted by the Joe Duffy Show on RTE Radio1.

Against his better judgement, Eric went on air and debated with the mayor of Killarney on the finer points of busking. It was abundantly clear that the reason for the Mayor's disapproval was that it mightn't be wise for the council to be tolerating someone openly mocking the 45th American President. 

Fully aware that running for public office is not compatible with having a sense of humour, Eric recorded a short video extolling the virtue of free speech.

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