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About Eric

Eric Gudmunsen is a singer-songwriter and stand-up comedian who originally hails from Dundee in Scotland.

He lives in Killarney, Co Kerry in the beautiful South-West of Ireland.

He started telling jokes on stage while singing in a bar in Tenerife in 1996 and he hasn't stopped since.

In the summer months he can be found mainly in the streets of Killarney, entertaining tourists from all over the world, but mainly America, Canada, Europe and Australia.

Eric With Some Indigenous Irish Lasses

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The Graveyard Shift

Eric loves to travel and meet people as he wanders the earth singing folk songs, old and new.

He also writes his own material and in recent years he has written lots of parody songs which make fun of various things, but mainly the political situation in the United States since 2016.

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A Low Profile In A Hi-Viz

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