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All of the following tributes are 100% genuine and unedited.

They mostly come from emails sent to Eric from people who enjoyed his performance enough to get in touch.

Killarney 2

'Scottie' - the highlight of our trip!!!

We were here on Tuesday night for dinner and decided to stay on when we heard that there was a comedian/singer coming on. We weren't expecting much but wow… Scottie was the best act we've ever seen and completely made our trip! Apparently he's not here every week though so be sure to find out when he's going to be on next. It's a lovely pub with a good crowd, even mid-week (so maybe pre-book a table if you want to be close to the stage) but Scottie was the best part about The Danny Mann for us. Amazing!!!!!

Hello there, Eric !

I just wanted to thank you proprerly for your comedy songs and delightful sense of humour.
Now that I came across your e-mail, I hope I can reach you at last.
We met in a street of Killarney, the 5th September and then a few times the next evenings.
I, along with my best friend, are two French girls. Maybe you remember us, I was in a wheelchair. If not, it's alright of course !
Anyway, I have to tell you are a very fond memory of our trip to Killarney. 
I remembered your name ever since.
Yesterday, I managed to find your Hallelujah version on YouTube, thank you so much for this — for the song and your post both.
It still cracks me up and since you, I have never been able to listen to this tune without laughing.
Same with your Ryanair Song.
So, thank you for what you’re doing and I hope you’ll succeed in getting the recognition you deserve.
Please, keep on writing and singing (on youTube too)?

Best wishes from France


Melbourne 2

Our problem this time though was mostly to do with Scottie not being here. He was the highlight of our trip last time and we took friends this time to see him and we were told that he doesn't play here anymore. So sad about this, we had our friends so hyped up about him! He really made the place something special.

Source - Trip Adviser August 2018

Adelaide 1
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Killarney 1
Melbourne 1

I am so thrilled to receive your special CD of ‘Scottie Ballads’ in yesterday afternoon’s post, and have been playing it ever since –I just love it, and I must say that you have done a fantastic rendition of ‘The Band Played Waltzing Matilda’, and everything else on the CD as well, and another special song you included is Danny Boy’, my late Husband’s favourite which we played at his funeral – absolutely love the entire CD Scottie and I can’t thank you enough for sending me an updated CD – is exactly as I enjoyed listening to you that night in wonderful Killarney.


Special thanks once again Scottie, and my very best wishes for your future career from,



Brisbane 1
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