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Eric has been making people laugh since the day he started talking.

He takes great delight in seeing the absurdity and humour in any situation or circumstance.

Even at the beginning of his musical career, he was cracking one-liners and playfully having fun with his audience.  At some point the joke telling became an integral part of his act.

This came to a natural conclusion when he was booked to play at an Irish music festival on the Isle of Man. Somehow Eric flew to the Isle of Man and his guitar flew to London. Being a music festival, there was no shortage of guitars to borrow, but being left handed, none of the instruments were of any use.

So for the first time ever, in front of around a thousand people, and without the aid of a guitar or a safety net, Eric took to the stage armed only with a microphone and some jokes. His career as a stand-up comedian was off and running. Ironically, halfway through his hour long set, a taxi driver arrived at the venue with the guitar and it was heralded onto the stage to a huge cheer. The audience thought that this was some kind of a stunt. It didn't help that when the guitar was plugged in it was woefully out of tune, but that just made the crowd laugh even louder.

And as any comedian will tell you.....that laughter is a drug!


Be Warned

Eric considers himself an old-school comedian and his material can be adult themed and not suitable for the easily offended.


Irish Pub Gig @ The Danny Mann, Killarney

NSFW @ The Edinburgh Fringe



In 2003, Eric opened Scottie's Comedy Club in Lanzarote, where for seven years, he played for three hours a night, over 300 nights a year, without any boss to censor him or tell him what to do.

This experience was invaluable for his next career as a street entertainer, or Troubadour, as he pretentiously prefers to call himself these days.

Whilst playing beautiful folk songs to passers-by, he manages to playfully insult them without ever losing his place in the song. This is a crucial part of his act and people regularly let him know how much he's cheered up their evening.

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